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Dry Roses and Diary

Maria B. Moses

YA Fantasy  Author

Parallel Lines

About the Author

Maria Bolanle Moses lives in the heart of Toronto, Canada. Her love for stories and creation started at a young age and has gradually taken over her life. She’s obsessed with mythology, anime, and the performing arts. When she’s not writing, she can be found designing dresses,  reading and auditioning for her next big part.

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A Curse of Roses


A passionate YA fantasy about forbidden love and determining who the real monsters are

- Independent Book Review

Stay hidden. Run if you can. Fight if you must.​

Lillianett belongs to a family of Renai, cursed children of the Halibel bloodline that began when Queen La-Muse committed an unforgivable sin.

On the day the curse is passed down, burned onto flesh, the Renai must go to another world, Glorus, for a year and survive under the constant threat of being found and prosecuted.

As the ninth generation Renai, the curse is a glorified birdcage of boredom and isolation. Lillianett trains for the day she might get caught and languishes in her growing desire to break free.​

Her recklessness threatens to be her ruining when she saves a prince's life and he tempts her out of her birdcage and away from the eight generations of hiding.

Coming Soon

A Path of Thorns

"A Curse of Roses is a gorgeous female-powered fantasy adventure that YA lovers will eat right up."

-Ashley Nestler (Reedsy Reviewer)

"There was never a boring moment."

-Fallencrestcrew Review

"It kept me captivated the whole way and left me wanting more."

-Tamika Marchant

Praise for A Curse of Roses

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